Friday, September 10, 2010

breadclips: self-evident redundancy

The breadclip. It's pointless. We all know this. You spin the end of a bag of bread, and then tuck the end under the bread itself. There is no need for a clip.

What some people may not realize is that the breadclip's design is an admission of it's own redundancy.

How so? Next time you buy bread, make a point of opening and completely re-sealing the bag, with clip, once for every slice. This will mimic the actions of a religious breadclip user who enjoys single slices of toast. Certainly a scenario that the breadclip companies have planned for, no? Observe as the breadclip becomes weakened or even fails completely well before you reach the end of the bag.

A breadclip is NOT designed to last for the entire bag. If it was an essential part of the bread storage regimen, would this not be a critical design flaw? If a breadclip was needed in any way to store bread, would this weakness not have been worked out decades ago?

The breadclip: Completely pointless


  1. one should use a clothespin if one were so inclined to fasten their breadbag

  2. Quite an interesting observation
    The bread clip exists for the same reason as the suit and tie: When the bread is out on the town, it's gotta look nice. But at home in the refridgerator? Just tuck it under.

  3. Lol i used to collect breadclips when i was younger

  4. It's to keep the bag closed during transit.

  5. But what's your stance on chip clips?!

  6. Bread rots faster then exposed to oxygen. Bread-tupperware > clip > tuck. Seal that shit up, and bread lasts forever.